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Monaco Transportations


French national roads join Monaco to Nice toward the west, and to Menton and the Italian Riviera toward the east. In 2002, there were 50 km of paved roadways. There is frequent bus service. The principality itself is served by motorbuses and taxicabs.

In 1995 there were 17,000 passenger cars and 4,000 commercial vehicles. The southeastern network of the French national railroad system serves Monaco with about 1.7 km of track. Express trains on the Paris-Marseille-Nice-Ventimiglia line pass through the principality. Monaco is only 10 km from the international airport at Nice and is connected with it by bus and by a helicopter shuttle service. In 2001, 77,800 passengers were carried on domestic and international airline flights. The harbour provides access by sea.


1 (2007)

total: 1.7 km (SNCF operates service through Monaco Monte Carlo station)
standard gauge: 1.7 km 1.435-m gauge

total: 50 km
paved: 50 km (2002)

Merchant marine
registered in other countries: 71 (Bahamas 13, Georgia 6, Isle of Man 3, Liberia 8, Malta 1, Marshall Islands 12, Norway 5, Panama 16, St Kitts and Nevis 1, St Vincent and the Grenadines 5, unknown 1) (2008)

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