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Pets to Bring into Monaco

This is just an overview of what requirements you need to meet to bring your pet dog or cat into Monaco, from elsewhere in the EU and also from the USA. For more specialised information on other animals or countries of origin, seek advice from the appropriate authorities or your local veterinarian. Bear in mind that your pet may be affected by the change in climate, if it is dramatically different to that at home.

Bringing cats and dogs from the USA to Monaco:

• The limit is 5 animals per family, all animals have to be 3 months old or more, unless their mother is travelling with them.

• All cats and dogs must be micro-chipped (ISO standard 11784) or tattooed for identity purposes.

• For each animal there must be a recent health certificate (i.e checks carried out and certificate signed no more than 10 days before arrival in Monaco). An official vet must sign the certificate (i.e vet certified by the USDA).

• As of 3rd July 2004, cats and dogs will also need a blood test, proving they have had the rabies vaccination and have the necessary antibody level to fight the disease. This has to happen at least 30 days after the vaccination and no less than 3 months before the animals reach Monaco, so organise this carefully before you leave. Monaco is rabies free.

Bringing cats and dogs from another EU country to Monaco:

• Cats and dogs need to have an EU pet passport in order to travel. This document will be recognised in Monaco.

• Check with your local vet to see if they are issuing passports. They can only be issued by Panel 2 Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVIs).

• The passport holds the pet owner's details, plus those of the cat or dog, including its microchip number (it has to be microchipped), plus evidence of rabies vaccination and the blood test (as above). There is also space to record the tick and tapeworm treatment, which will be required if the animal should return to its respective EU country for any reason. Monaco is rabies free.





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