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Monaco Cuisine

Every aspect of Monaco life is marked by French and Italian influence. So is also the case with Monaco Food. The popular recipes that are found to exist in Monaco have in them French and Italian influence. Monaco food habit of the people therefore has high cultural influence.

Proximity to the sea has led to the popularity of sea food in Monaco. Fish forms an important part of the diet of the Monaco people, and feature prominently in Monaco recipes. As such, restaurants in Monaco are found to serve some of the very popular dishes comprising fish. Food habit of the Monaco people is characterised by the presence of light breakfast but a heavier lunch and dinner.

Special occasions are marked by the serving of specialties. These festivals include Christmas, Easter, Lent Carnival.

There is the presence in Monaco of many restaurants that offer high quality food. Some of the best Monaco restaurants serve traditional Monaco delicacies, which are absolute delights for the taste buds. Some of the specialties that are found in Monaco are:

• Fougasse which is a type of pastry that is decorated with almonds and nuts;
• Stocafi is a sauce cooked cod;
• Socca is a pancake;
• Barbagiuan is also a special pastry that has a filling of pumpkin and rice.

Besides, crunchy biscuits which are sugared are also in wide use in Monaco.

Certain special dishes are also prepared during traditional religious occasions. Feast days of Saint Roman, Saint John, and Saint Blaise are a few such occasions.





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